Our Philosophy

At Dr Braces & Faces, we provide an access to state-of-the-art equipment, professional expertise, current research and the newest treatment options.
We work in partnership with you to understand your needs and create a personalized treatment program that delivers the best possible results.
At the initial consult, we discuss all aspects of the treatment you are considering, including benefits, possible risks and costs and we review ‘before and after’ photos to provide a realistic portrayal of the outcome.
We want you to be fully informed and acquainted with the procedure you are considering and be completely comfortable with your decision. The goal at our practice is to give each guest a personalized, positive, relaxing experience with complete confidentiality and privacy.
We love our Bengaluru, it has blessed us immensely and we want to give back to our community.....

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Experienced Doctors

Experienced specialists handle individual problems in tandem with other doctors and nurses to address your concerns, all our doctors are employed to their area of expertise so that our guests get the best possible results.

Exceptional Personal Service

Our amazing team members will guide and take care of you, their joyful and welcoming attitude is apparent from the moment you step in, our doctors do personalized follow-up and after care protocols & are available round the clock in emergencies to ensure you peace of mind.

Latest Medical technology

updating our armamentarium to ensure you have access to only the best thats available, our doctors constantly increase there knowledge base, through workshops, seminars, conferences and research work.

Value for Money

Our services are priced very competitively, our priority is to offer the best value without compromising on any quality.

Our Smiles

  Hygiene Standards & sterilization  

Our entire office water supply line is treated with industrial purifier to ensure every tap has safe water & RO/UV/UF in office filtration to provide purest drinking water - We Care.
We maintain highest standards of sterilization and disinfection.Our team is regularly updated on infection control standards. A dedicated sterilization zone with ultraviolet chambers and medical grade autoclaves are used to clean, disinfect and sterilize instruments.