Crossing Bellandur Or Varthur lake everyday? Here’s how to protect yourself

Foam from Varthur Lake
WOW! SNOW! screamed my niece excitedly as we crossed the Varthur lake and some foam was flying around our car. Looks like it's snowing in Bangalore! As excited as the kids might seem, this foam is very harmful as it may contain bisphenols(BPA) ,benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAH) & many more volatile organic compounds.
Our skin,hair,eyes & lungs are at most danger, skin being the outermost barrier, it is one of the first and largest TARGET. Many of the toxins present in this foam can actually penetrate into our skin's pores & eyes.
According to a study published in Journal of investigative dermatology, toxins can cause premature skin aging, wrinkling, and pigmentation spots. It can also damage the skins protective outer layer, causing dryness, redness, and irritation, as well as worsening of inflammatory skin diseases. It could worsen your acne by clogging your pores.
 So, apart from wearing a helmet, what can you do to protect your skin from the perils of this toxic foam? Below are a few tips you need to follow to keep yourself safe.

COVER UP You could cover yourself using helmets, jackets, full pants, scarves, caps, full sleeve clothes & masks easily available at any pharmacy.

CLEANSE Cleanse as soon as you reach your destination with a gentle soap free cleanser. Wash with luke warm or room temperature water.

MOISTURISE Dab on your hypoallergenic moisturiser which suits your skin type after you've pat dried your skin. Moisturising right after, locks in the moisture for many hours and doesn't make it greasy and oily.

SUNSCREEN Use your SPF cream even if you are indoors. 30+ SPF is good enough for Bangalore.

ANTIOXIDANT Make this your bedtime routine. Antioxidant serums or creams are very important when you are exposed to such nasty toxins. The toxins cause a lot of oxidative stress and damages your skin's barrier and function. Antioxidant rich serums combat the effect of it and keeps your skin heathy and supple. Use creams or serums with Vitamin C & E, green tea extract. Antioxidant rich diet which includes spinach, broccoli, mustard oil, apple, orange, whole grain and different citrus fruits, nuts and sea food.

EXFOLIATE Scrub your face twice a week. This will clean out the clogged pores and remove dead skin cells. You could use natural exfoliating agents such as sugar, honey, yogurt, papaya, oats, based on your skin type. You can make your own scrub or use gentle scrubs available in the market.

STAY HYDRATED Water easily removes toxins within body and helps in absorption of required nutrients by skin cells. So, drink as much as you can and avoid the dehydrating effect of the toxins.

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Posted on: 04/09/2017

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