Getting your braces is a fun experience, at our office, Dr. Salman is a full-time resident orthodontist who gives you personal attention & care. He is available,every working day of the week to attend to all your concerns or emergencies & gladly offer you flexible appointments at your convenience, unlike a consultant dependant practice where you would be given a fixed scheduled every month & need to wait for several days or weeks to see your orthodontist again!
He chalks out customized treatment plans for every patient using meticulous study,diagnostics and eye to detail for every case while consulting a team of interdisciplinary specialists if necessary. Rest assured you are in safe hands. Go ahead and get your perfect smile.


  • Metal Braces We provide premium quality high grade stainless steel braces available in standard or low profile to ensure extra comfort.
  • Ceramic/Clear Braces most popular braces, tooth colored braces and wires ensure that your smile is metal free even during your orthodontic treatment.
  • Invisible Braces want to keep your braces a secret? we have the perfect solution for you, recommended for people who aren’t willing to sport any braces.
  • Self ligating Braces the latest in ceramic braces, these are quick and comfortable, ensure better oral hygeine and reduced treatment time, teeth do not appear stained as compared to traditional braces.
  • Colorful Braces kids can have fun with an assortment of colors we provide for the bands on metal braces, they can now show support for there favourite sports team or there school club.
  • Jaw Orthopaedics some patients jaws require growth modification to ensure a complete orthodontic treatment, with the help of auxiliaries like facemask/headgears we help them acheive this.
  • Cleft Treatment some babies are born with a cut lip and hole in the mouth, which gives rise to difficulties in eating, breathing, drinking and awkard facial appearance, these babies require interdisciplinary treatment, Dr Salman was trained at Smile Train centre for Cleft and facial deformities in Mangalore and has extensive experience in treating such cases.
  • Facial Joint Pain Relief we treat cases with chronic pain due to improper bite.


  • Peventive Examining kids early, helps us in diagnosing problems at an early stage and preventing them.
  • Interceptive we could identify developing problems and help them resolve quickly during the teenage.
  • Growth Assessment we do growth assessments of jaws and help keeping problems like facial asymmetry at bay.
  • Growth Modification when your kids are still growing, we can help correct complex problems by modifying there jaw growths, proper diagnosis and interception at right age is critical.
  • Surgical Complex problems on adults where the growth has completed, require surgical correction, rest assured our interdisciplinary team would help you correct it.
  • Aesthetic correction of your gum lines and lip fullness for that perfect smile.


Patients at our office know they’re in good hands because we really do care by clearly communicating to them each step of the treatment process. It’s very rare to encounter true orthodontic emergencies but when they do occur, our starter kit and instructions that come along are adequate to resolve your problem temporarily, however you are required to call our office immediately, so that we can arrange for an appointment as soon as possible in situations where you can’t take care of it yourself.
Leaving your orthodontic appliance to be remained in a damaged or misfit situation for a long period may result in disruptions in your treatment plan and time.
Dr. Salman is excellent at explaining the treatment process, if you’re in need of further clarification, just call our office.


No, only accredited orthodontist’s (Braces Specialists) who have undergone 3 year’s training period (MDS) specialize and are able to render successful orthodontic treatments.

You can play any sport as long as your careful not to get hit on the face, avoiding contact sports(Boxing,Wrestling,Karate) would be best until your treatment is over, you could still be part of your prestigious cricket or football team and be a champion swimmer, just avoid anything close to your mouth.

At Dr Braces & Faces, Dr. Salman is a full-time resident orthodontist and is available throughout the week all the time, he would gladly accomodate appointments so that you never have to miss school again for your orthodontic treatment, your studies would only improve when you start seeing us, our doctor who was also an excellent student, can give you all the guidance and tips to crack that play/study balance. Ask him for more.

After the first few days of starting the treatment, your teeth will get adjusted and you will have no problems while eating, however special care must be taken in cleaning your teeth after every meal.

We provide special toothbrushes and cleaning aids with proper guidance and instructions that help you keep your oral hygeine fresh, braces do not stain the teeth.

We at Dr Braces & Faces offer a variety of braces, traditional metal braces can be visually apparent, however there are better alternatives available, use of invisible braces, ceramic braces and clear braces can help you counter that problem.

There are removable braces used a few decades ago, but with advancement in technology, only fixed braces deliver you the desired results efficiently and effectively.

This is an old myth which has no scientific basis whatsoever.

Not every orthodontic case requires teeth removal, only when there is space inadequacy which can’t be managed, you may be required to remove teeth.

The initial first week of orthodontic treatment is when the patient experieces discomfort, generally soreness around the teeth with very mild pain occasionally for the first 1-2 days can be seen, since your oral cavity is receiving a foreign appliance, it takes about a week for you to completely adapt to it.

On an avergae, orthodontic treatment duration runs bewteen 1-2 years, it varies from patient to patient, it depends on the severity of the correction needed. Treatment time is also dependent on the patient compliance, 3 rules to a smooth orthodontic treatment:

  • Keep your appointments
  • Take care with your orthodontic appliance
  • Maintain oral hygeine

It’s never too late to start an orthodontic treatment, today about 25% orthodontic patient’s are adult’s, a beautiful, confident smile is for everyone.

There is no ideal age for orthodontic treatment, some problems if detected early and corrected while the child is still growing, surgical procedures can be avoided and some problems require a period of waiting before starting the treatment. However the ideal age for first orthodontic checkup is 7 year’s.

  • Correcting awkardly positioned teeth for a more attractive smile
  • Improving chewing/biting functions of teeth
  • Enhancing self-confidence and improving the psychological barrier of appearance
  • Protruded front teeth injuries can be minimized
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance of teeth
  • Healthier teeth and gums in the long run
  • Reduces the wear and tear of teeth

An orthodontist is a specialist who has extensive and specialized training who undergo an additonal training of mastersdegreefor 3 years in an accredited institute after dental school to learn the special skills required to manage general facial development and movement of teeth.