Rhinoplasty Treatment



The breasts are a uniquely feminine body feature. Women who are confident about the appearance of their breasts often have a positive self-image. Breast enhancement, breast reduction and breast uplift surgery can help women have the breast size and shape they desire. Attractive, natural looking results are possible when you choose an aesthetic plastic surgeon who has proper training, sufficient experience and an artistic approach
At Dr Braces & Faces, we do the breast augmentation, breast reduction & breast uplift procedures to give you the confidence you deserve.
Exhaustive medical research has shown that there is no relationship with breast enalrgement and cancer, also a thing to note, that the implants do not interfere whatsoever in simple natural process like breast feeding


Facelift/ Blepharoplasty (eye bag/lid correction)

Any rejuvenation procedure must be closely linked to enhancing facial harmony. Tightening of the skin shoud not be the only goal as there is nothing more artificail than an ironed out face. The choice of procedure will be guided by the quality of the skin and by the results we are aiming to achieve.
At Dr Braces & Faces, explaining what the changes would actually look like, never hesitating to refuse any misguided and unrealistic requests and always putting nature and your health first is considered and the most important….. these are the golden rules we must follow if we are going to avoid any disappointments. An operation is usccessful when it merges with the whole rather rather than standing apart from it
Some key benefits, how a facelift rejuvenates you

  • Eliminates creases below eyelids and nose extending to corner of the mouth.
  • Helps uplift a sagging midface
  • Correction of a double chin
  • Correction of loss of muscle definition of the jaw
  • Correction of bags under the eyes
  • Correction of puffiness of eyes
  • correction of sagging skin around upper and lower eyelids

Rhinoplasty(nose correction)

Some key benefits:

  • Creating a proportionate nose size
  • Altering the width of the nose
  • Enhancing the nose profile
  • Correction of a crooked nose & nasal tip
  • Correction of abnormally shaped nostrils
  • Correcting nasal asymmetry and deviation

Lip augmentation/reduction

The beauty of your lips can transform your face, with our lip augmentation and reduction procedures, we help to enhance your facial features, making you look more youthful and confident.

Otoplasty(ear correction)

Prominent ears, asymmetric ears or abnormally shaped ears lead to social problems; treatment for this condition is very simple and can be carried out in teenagers as well as adults.

Dimple creation

Always been dreaming of these dimpled cheeks? We are here to fulfill that wish of yours; a quick and simple procedure ensures you the dimples you need to flash.

Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Making a body more beautiful and appealing means restoring the ratio between waist, buttocks, hips and breasts. Disproportionate figures can be restored to normality or sculpted at the patient’s request.
Nowadays, aesthetic surgery can help you look years younger especially if done properly. Even though Lady Time inexorably continues her work, you never lose the years you have gained, provided you adopt a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Tummy tuck helps you have an abdominal profile that is smoother, more firm and flat than before.

Male chest reduction

Plastic surgery can also be helpful to men who want a more masculine chest. At DrBraces & Faces, we do male breast reduction procedures to give you the confidence you deserve.


This is a procedure meant for reshaping specific areas of the body by getting rid of excessive fat deposits, our goal is to improve the overall health and aesthetic profile of our guest. Liposuction may be used to reduce localised fat deposits at the following areas

  • Hips and Buttocks
  • Abdomen, waist and thighs
  • Chest area and back
  • Cheeks, chin and neck
  • Legs and knee region

Vaginoplasty (Hymen correction) & aesthetic genital surgery

It is a simple procedure done to restore the hymen and complete reconstruction of the genitilia, a similar procedure known as phalloplasty for males is available to enhance the size of the penis