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Crossing Bellandur Or Varthur lake everyday? Here’s how to protect yourself

Foam from Varthur Lake WOW! SNOW! screamed my niece excitedly as we crossed the Varthur lake and some foam was flying around our car. Looks like it's snowing in Bangalore! As excited as the kids might seem, this foam is very harmful as it may contain bisphenols(BPA) ,benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAH) & many more volatile organic compounds. Our skin,hair,eyes & lungs are at most danger, skin being the outermost barrier,…

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Mosquito Bites

Skin med res

Best skin clinic in bangalore, Top skin clinic in bangalore When I was a teenager, I was struggling with extreme acne for some many years. I still don't forget, each and every day following waking…

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